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Registration Process

Applying to Attend the Bridgeton Public Charter School

To enter your child into the selection lottery for admission to the Bridgeton Public Charter School, you will need to fill out a Student Application.

Click here to apply online 2016-2017 School Year

Click here to apply online 2017-2018 School Year

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Application Completion

Upon completion of the Application, please send it to:

Bridgeton Public Charter School Enrollment

If you prefer, you may fax the completed application to:

Important Notes

Incomplete applications will be sent back
Submission of this application does not constitute enrollment, but is reserving a position for the lottery draw only.


We encourage the families of prospective students to visit us to learn more about Bridgeton Public Charter School and our commitment to providing a nurturing, supportive, creative and actively engaging environment.

Meet Us

Please call us at 856-497-8202 to arrange a convenient time to tour our school and discuss your child’s enrollment with members of our teaching and administrative staff. We look forward to meeting you!